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Be brave. Be beautiful. Fall in love, just for a moment. And really just nail a beautiful girl with a pillow. 

Sapphic Slumber Party is a short zine game for 2-5 about a pillow fight at a slumber party, and all the joyful, melancholy, amorous, and vulnerable feelings that come out when you're playing in your PJs. Brief and lyrical, Sapphic Slumber Party is GMless and plays in 30-45 minutes.

Sapphic Slumber Party itchfunded successfully for Zine Month 2022! Thanks to all the backers and the Zine Month community for helping make this game possible. 

Thanks to ふぇる (twitter user @feltk) I am INCREDIBLY EXCITED that there is a Japanese translation of Sapphic Slumber Party!!!! ふぇる has generously allowed me to post their translation here for free. これを見つけてくれた日本人プレイヤーに感謝します!

The Game

Sapphic Slumber Party is simple, short, and sweet. Make your character and tell your fellow players about her PJs and her anxieties; they'll help you figure out what's beautiful about her.

Then the pillow fight begins. There's no HP in a pillow fight, no victory or defeat that's more than momentary, just the vulnerability that being alone together and intimate and playing around create. Eventually that vulnerability spills over in a way that ends the pillow fight; play to find out exactly how.

What You Can Get

$3 gets you a digital copy of Sapphic Slumber Party; $8 gets you a physical zine, shipping included (while supplies last). Buying a physical zine also funds a community copy!

Counting every dollar? Grab a community copy, that's what they're there for <3

百合パジャマ・パーティ (literally Yuri Pajama Party) is a Japanese translation of Sapphic Slumber Party, available for free due to the kindness of the translator, ふぇる

Community Copies

As mentioned, buying a physical zine funds a community copy. Unfortunately, for the time being demand has outpaced supply! I always want there to be community copies for anyone who needs one, so once a month I'm going to refresh up to 10. Community copies were last updated in 6/15/2022; stop by next month if they've run out again :)


Check out this stellar and very gay actual play from Girls Run These Worlds!

 Philippa Mort's video on Sapphic Slumber Party taught me how to describe it.

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Backer Tiers

Get exclusive access to this game by purchasing while quantities last.


百合パジャマ・パーティ is the free Japanese translation of Sapphic Slumber Party! Free indefinitely, thanks to the generosity of ふぇる.

Community Edition

If you can't afford to pay for the game right now, please take a community copy. Every purchase at the Complete Edition level funds an additional community copy :)

If community copies run out, I'll add more once a month. Last added 5/7/2023.

Digital Edition

A PDF copy of Sapphic Slumber Party.

Complete Edition

A pdf copy of Sapphic Slumber Party, plus a beautiful physical copy of the finished zine mailed to you! 

Every backer at this level also funds a community copy, so that anyone who can't afford to pay for the game right now can access the digital version.

You will get access to the following files:

Sapphic Slumber Party Digital Edition 4.1 MB
百合パジャマ・パーティ (Japanese) 8.9 MB


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I played this game with a group of friends and we had so much fun. We all use to live together but we got separated because of school finishing and even though we were on call, I really felt connected to them in a way I haven't been able to feel in a while. 

We created an in-character group chat for the characters and that element added a lot of depth to the role playing. We also had a friend who was semi-busy that day and roleplayed as a friend who lived out of the province and wasn't part of the pillow fight.

Our setting was a group of friends at a cosplay convention and I also recommend that setting.

Thank you for this wonderful game :)


We played this with a group of queers - it was fun, intimate, hilarious, and occasionally sexy, and I'd definitely play it again! Highly recommended!

We may have taken an extraordinary amount of time at the beginning to find the right pyjama and character images, but it was absolutely worth it.

I also made a character keeper for the game in Google Sheets (safety tools included), which is available as a template here (everyone can make a copy for their own use).

Thank you so much for the gorgeous character keeper! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game 😊😊

One of the best times I've ever had on stream!! Highly recommend this game. There's so much you can do with it and can definitely find ways to play it over and over!! Thanks for making such an amazing game!!

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hi I purchased the complete version a few months back on February 22nd and never received the zine. Please follow up.

Hey, sorry about that. I'll look into it.

Looks like I've shipped out every order from around that time, which might mean yours was lost in the mail. Could you reach out to me via email at dora.dee.rogers@gmail.com so I can confirm your address and send you a new one?


This is such a fun idea, and i think it would be super fun to play as a one-shot, or as a downtime activity for another game.

I made a short video about it:

I've seen and LOVE the vid, thank you so much for making it!

I'd highly recommend Philippa's channel for anyone looking to find info on cool indie games!