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One of the best times I've ever had on stream!! Highly recommend this game. There's so much you can do with it and can definitely find ways to play it over and over!! Thanks for making such an amazing game!!

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hi I purchased the complete version a few months back on February 22nd and never received the zine. Please follow up.

Hey, sorry about that. I'll look into it.

Looks like I've shipped out every order from around that time, which might mean yours was lost in the mail. Could you reach out to me via email at so I can confirm your address and send you a new one?


This is such a fun idea, and i think it would be super fun to play as a one-shot, or as a downtime activity for another game.

I made a short video about it:

I've seen and LOVE the vid, thank you so much for making it!

I'd highly recommend Philippa's channel for anyone looking to find info on cool indie games!